Health Benefits of Jaggery that you must know

Jaggery is a natural product made from sugarcane, which is considered a healthier alternative to sugar than sugar. But can we eat jaggery every day? According to nutritionists, 100 grams of jaggery contains 10 to 15 grams of fructose, which can increase your blood sugar if consumed daily. Therefore, one should not consume more than 5 grams of jaggery daily. In this way, eating a healthy amount of jaggery every day will generate heat in your body and can give many benefits to the body by keeping the metabolism proper.

What are the health benefits of jaggery

Jaggery in Constipation : Jaggery is a Ram-Ban remedy to get rid of constipation. If a person is suffering from stomach related problems like constipation, gas or acidity then eating a mixture of jaggery, rock salt and black salt can give him great relief. Jaggery with ghee is constipated
get rid of For this eat jaggery with one spoon of ghee.

Removing plaque and bad breath from teeth: As a home remedy to get rid of dental plaque and tartar, you can mix fennel with jaggery. You can eat curry. Eating jaggery laddu in this way is also beneficial for your oral health. Eating gummy ladles with jaggery to strengthen bones increases your bone mineral density. It brings heat to the body from within and strengthens the bones.

Jaggery in Cold : Jaggery is also very beneficial in cold and cough. If you mix sesame with jaggery and eat it, it can protect you from infection and cold during changing season. Due to this, sesame jaggery ladles are made in winter.

Gourd Immunity Booster: Gourd acts as an immunity booster for the body. This will save you from getting sick in winter.

Eating jaggery with fennel for body recovery can give you relief from fever. Apart from this you can eat jaggery with fennel to cure any disease. It reduces inflammation in the body and increases strength from within.

For hair growth: Mix jaggery and alib seeds in turmeric and use it (haleem seeds) mix of folic acid and iron. Its antiviral and antioxidant properties can aid absorption, regular consumption can also help reduce skin pigmentation and promote hair growth.

Periods and PCOD: Eating jaggery in combination with this food can reduce bleeding during periods and also provide relief from period pain.

Reduce food cravings : If you have frequent food cravings, you can eat jaggery with peanuts. This delicious combination helps in increasing strength. It can control appetite and reduce cravings. So whenever you feel a craving, you should eat peanuts with jaggery.

Helps in weight loss: Jaggery is very helpful in weight loss. Jaggery also promotes digestion by removing toxins from our body. Jaggery slices after a meal is considered very good for the digestive system and helps keep weight balanced by boosting metabolism.

What are the benefits of eating jaggery at night

Consuming jaggery with warm milk before going to bed at night will not only improve your digestion, but also relieve stomach problems. If you have any digestive problem, you can get relief from it by consuming warm milk and jaggery. Consuming jaggery with milk also relieves joint pain.

Disadvantages of eating jaggery

100 grams of jaggery contains 385 grams of calories, which can make you gain weight. Apart from this, eating too much jaggery increases the damage.

  • As the blood sugar level increases.
  • May increase intestinal infections.
  • Eating too much can cause stomach upset.

So eat this healthy item with hot nasir in this cold season, but don’t eat jaggery daily, keep your body healthy and control blood sugar and stay away from diabetes.

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